Windmill condition monitoring

Windmill Oil Condition Monitoring

We are increasingly depending on renewable energy from windmill turbines every year.

Windmill Oil Condition Monitoring
Considerable effort required for maintenance.

Windmills have very high demands on lubrication because even routine maintenance work on these giants is often difficult and time consuming due to accessibility. The wind turbine gearbox is highly sensitive to contamination and moisture particles in the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil used in these systems must be capable of suppressing the high load of the gear teeth under drastic temperature fluctuations. But the oil must also have a long service life for a reasonable maintenance cycle. This is due to the considerable effort required by the maintenance staff in the event of an early deterioration in the oil quality.

Damage caused by contamination

Unnoticed contamination of the lubricant through particles and moisture will lead to early failure of the main bearing and gears. A bad oil condition will result in excessive wear, which may cause the gearbox to fall out and the windmill will stop. Repair costs for wind turbine gearboxes can increase excessively. The crane rental, repair and parts of gearboxes soon cost tens of thousands of euros. What about the loss of lost energy yields through improductivity.

Oil Lifecycle
Oil degradation during its lifecycle


In order to ensure higher reliability, it is possible to apply the Distance Monitoring Services oil quality sensor. An electrochemical oil fingerprint is programmed into the sensor. A result is that the lubricant used is measured with a very high sensitivity, and action can be taken if the oil quality deteriorates early.

If there is a change in the oil due to contamination, viscosity or oxidation, the electrochemical properties change. All minor changes in the oil are directly detected by the sensor. This makes the sensor suitable for any application where oil is an important part of the installation.

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