Oil quality

Oil Quality

Oil Quality
Hydraulic oil discoloration

The purity, and over all, the oil quality of hydraulic oil is of utmost importance to ensure that the hydraulic system works smoothly. In addition, unplanned downtime, malfunctions or extreme wear of hydraulic components, are returned to the hydraulic oil. During maintenance, only the number of contamination particles that are contained in the oil will be checked. Of course, this will affect the quality. Therefore, we recommend that you check all of the oil characteristics yourself. The color of the oil itself alone does not tell you everything, There is more (info).

Real-time Oil Quality Monitoring reduces costs

By measuring the oil quality continuously (real-time), the Oil Quality is always insightful. Therefor on regular based oil analysis, are not necessarily anymore. This gives the service department the ability to adjust maintenance to the current situation. You alone can answer the question of what the savings are that can be achieved. Keeping in mind that these are excluding the costs of an unplanned shutdown of the entire (underlying) installation.

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