Oil condition Monitoring

Advantages Oil condition monitoring

One advantage of real-time Oil condition monitoring is that it will cut your operational costs by about 20%. Another advantage is improvement of your availability. These advantage are general for all installations. There are also several benefits which will multiple the result and makes an average investment payback of under seven months possible.

Oil Condition Monitoring Lifecycle
Oil Condition Monitoring

Extension of service intervals

Current service schedules are mainly based on operational hours or kilometers/miles and not when installations needs maintenance. Of course time based schedules are very expensive. Why not plan needed maintenance based on condition of the installation. Our oil condition monitoring offer you the knowledge of your oil condition. This enables you to pin point the ideal time for maintenance. Typically, this results in an extended service interval of about 35% and therefore reduced maintenance costs.

Reducing wear and breakdown time

By real-time monitoring the earliest signs of oil degradation noticed before any unexpected problems can occur. Because of these early alerts your installation will not breakdown but you will be able to plan your maintenance for this installation immediately so that you have optimal availability and low repair costs from catastrophic failures. The total effects of wear reduction will increase installation availability up to about 25%.

Increasing productivity

Installations that are not working, are unproductive. Unproductive time, extending maintenance intervals and less unplanned repairs can add about 10% till 20% off productivity time to installations during their lifetime.

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