Hydraulic oil condition monitoring

Hydraulic oil condition

hydraulic crane
Condition monitoring hydraulic crane

The ingress of moisture into a hydraulic system is a common problem. The complete occurrence of this is a big challenge. Pollution in a hydraulic oil can be an indication of the beginning of wear and tear of components and thus a signal to failure. Ensuring a good hydraulic oil condition will benefit the reliability. The system will function more efficiently and will show less wear. Oil can then be replaced if necessary based on the actual condition. Instead of a conservative, time-based schedule.

Hydraulic oil condition Lifecycle
Hydraulic oil lifecycle


By installing an oil quality sensor in the return pipe or tank, it is possible to determine the current oil condition. The condition and temperature of the hydraulic oil is measured simultaneously. Read-out of these values ​​can be done via a local display or remote connection.


An operator immediately sees the current hydraulic oil condition in the system. This gives him the opportunity to make immediate decisions when oil quality deteriorates, thus preventing downtime. The frequency of oil analyses by laboratory can be significantly reduced and can only be carried out if the sensor gives a signal that the condition requires it. Calculate your own benefit?

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