Distance Monitoring

Distance Monitoring

By using Distance Monitoring, it is possible to check remote, operation critical installations. This allows system monitoring in real-time functional and conditional. When connecting multiple sensors to our equipment, you can check online and realtime anywhere where there is an internet connection.
For example, based on current GPS information, the place of equipment is available (including ships, excavators, generators, hydraulic machines). By using a Dashboard that displays the measured values ​​of each linked installation. This Dashboard provides an overview of real-time and historical metrics. Both our equipment and Dashboard are flexible and scalable to suit any situation and number of sensors. In addition to monitoring the installations, it is possible to set an alarm at a certain value for each connected sensor. Alarms sent by SMS and Email to take the necessary actions. This will prevent catastrophic breakdowns.

Apply oil quality sensor

Oil Quality Sensor OQS
Oil Quality Sensor

By extending Distance Monitoring with our oil quality sensor, which continuously monitors your oil quality. Replacing oil is then no longer being scheduled on running hours. Sampling (oil analysis) is only needed when our sensor tells you to. This allows oil maintenance being performed at the time the installation requires it. This could be earlier, thus preventing stagnation, but also later.
In both cases, you are saving time and money!

Technical information

Connectivity: Ethernet, WiFi, 3G, 4G, etc.
Sensor Type: Pressure, Temperature, Vibration, Level Measurement, etc.
Connection sensor: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 10-30V, Modbus, CanOpen, CAN J1939

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