Webtool to calculate cost reduction

Cost reduction

Overall reducing operational maintenance costs is not easy. Installations or vehicles productivity need as ideal as possible. Often maintenance is on a preventive schedule. The total costs of ownership with preventive maintenance is often higher. For example when monitoring oil condition you are able to measure the oil quality in real-time. This will give you the advantage to schedule your oil maintenance when your production and resource planning allowing this. Therefor it will increase your machine availability directly. Your first cost reduction achieved.

We can give you an idea on how much you can save we made a small online calculator. Fill in and see your possible savings. Different options make it complete as possible. We have predefined some values in the calculation. Of course this calculation is just an idea of the possible savings. The real cost reduction can even be more. Please contact us for a calculation based on your situation, we will look together with you for reduction opportunities.

Calculatortool cost reduction

Outcome of this calculator is an indication based on your given information. Any costs for our Distance Monitoring system and oil quality sensor is already deducted.

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