Combustion engine condition monitoring

Oil condition on internal combustion engine

Condition monitoring combustion engine
Oil condition on combustion engine

An internal combustion engine is at the heart of critical industrial applications. Regardless of the specific fuel type, efficient operation and management is essential to give you with cost-effective and reliable operation. By using a real-time oil condition monitoring solution, you can achieve considerable cost savings, among other things through longer maintenance intervals. This also leads to higher availability. While avoiding expensive and catastrophic breakdowns.

Our solution

Oil condition monitoring engines
Condition monitoring diesel locomotive

We offer a solution that is reasonably easy to install, requires almost no maintenance and has an average payback time of less than 10 months, whereby it will realise many more savings after that. The core is the oil quality sensor, a sensor that accurately and reliably monitors all important factors in the oil in real-time. Therefore you always have all the oil condition data. And this for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A simple installation gives you quickly the opportunity to start with oil condition monitoring on the combustion engine.

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